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Susan Tesch

We offer long-arm quilting services. For excellent results, we use a Bernina Q-24 long-arm quilting machine and the Q-Matic computer system. Both offer high quality and accurate results while providing the maximum in quilting design flexibilty.

Long Arm Quilting

  Quilt Preparation

  • Quilt top and backing must be cleaned, fully assembled, pressed, and flat
  • Backing and batting must extend an additional 5 inches on each side beyond the quilt top. (Quilts failing to meet this requirement will not be accepted)
  • Do not baste or layer your quilts
  • Do not use adhesives to baste your quilts. (These quilts will not be accepted)
  • Clearly indicate the desired orientation of quilt and backing
  • All seams must be secured
  • Remove all loose threads and/or pet hair from quilt top
  • Remove all pins
  • Your quilt should be as square as possible (If additional trimming is required due to uneven sides, a minimum $10 charge/side will apply)
  • If quilts have been inadequately prepared, they will either not be accepted at the appointment, or returned to customer if shipped (shipping charges will apply). Charges will apply if customer wants RockArtQuilts to make the required modifications.


  • Puckers, tucks, and fullness cannot be quilted out
  • I do not quilt fleece
  • Binding services are not available
  • There is a minimum charge of $50 per item (It takes time to load and unload items into machines)
  • For local consults, prepare to have 30-60 minutes available